Fiffa.com Rules: 2014 - 2015 League & Cup Competitions

1. The Basic's

Entry fee for the tournament shall be £30.00 made payable before or at the 1st auction.

Each manager shall be allocated a team (same as last year, relegated teams being allocated new teams) and a budget of £100 million plus money for last seasons finish.

Each team's squad at the first auction shall consist of 17 Players: 3 Goalkeepers, 3 Defenders, 4 Midfielders and 7 Strikers at all times.

Prior to match day each manager shall select 3 keepers in order (GK1, GK2, GK3), 2 Defenders, 3 Midfielders and 5 Strikers. Players can be selected out of position but can only move forward not back within the team's lineup. For example: Leyton Baines or Juan Mata can be selected to play as Strikers but Wayne Rooney cannot be selected as a defender.

Squad player's shall only be eligible to score points if selected from the following leagues: English and Scottish Premier, English Championship, League One and League Two. Players can be signed from outside of one of these leagues but until they sign for a club competing in one of the qualifying leagues they shall be a squad member but not eligable to score.

Each team shall play each other team a set number of times throughout the season on selected dates according to the fixture list published at the start of the season. Managers must submit any changes to a team each week before the set cut off time. Cut off time shall be 7:30pm on a friday evening for weekend fixtures or 7:30pm on a Tuesday for midweek fixtures, cut off times may vary from time to time however any change in the cut off time shall be clearly stated on the homepage of the fiffa.com website. Team submission can be made by either e-mail or by contacting the fiffa chief executive by text message to his mobile, a verbal message is not sufficient. If a manager does not submit a side before the specified cut off time (laid down by the Fiffa executive) the side selected from the previous week will be in force (minus any players sold following an auction). Fixtures will be over a selection of weekend and midweek games, a player can score a goal in any 1st class fixture but not including internationals both at full and under 21 level in a recognized competition. Players participating in "non important games " such as friendly' and also testimonial and tour matches then there score will not count.

Weekend games shall run from Friday until Monday whilst weekday games will run from Tuesday until Thursday. A player can only play once for a maximum of 90 minutes during each fixture if a team plays twice then the first game only shall count as the selected players match. Substitutes must be selected and listed in preference each week.


2. Scoring System.


Any goals the selected 11 score during the relevant fixtures are totaled up, then deducted from this total are the goals conceded by the 1st keeper. If that keeper does not play then you deduct the 2nd keeper selected and then the 3rd. If for any reason you do not have a keeper that starts the game the team starts the game with a sub total of minus 3. If for some reason your side scores a minus figure your team has a net score of zero (i.e. if a side scores 2 and their keeper lets in three you have a total of zero, you can not score minus's in football).

If a selected player scores an own goal the opposing team will be credited a goal, if a keeper scores an OG then he is minus 1 and the opposing side credited 1. All scoring data shall be taken from the following publications:-

All data shall be taken from skysports mobile app and website www.skysports.com "In Jeff We Trust".

A win is worth 3 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0.

Results, league tables and other data shall be updated and displayed after every scheduled fixture has been completed. Other information such as top scorer and club finances' will also be made available from time to time. The winner of the league shall be the team with the most points at the end of the season. Fiffa will abide by premier league criteria (goal difference, goal scored, play off if nessesary) on league positions in the event of a tie on points.


3. Auctions

Each manager shall bid in turn (starting with last year's champion's following clockwise), for players. Each manager must attempt to purchase a full squad (17 players) and must at each subsequent auction maintain a squad of 17 players (3 GK, 3 Def, 4 Mid, 7 Strikers.)

If any manager leaves before completing their squad then as long as they have signed 11 players (minimum) they have the option to either continue with the squad they have until the next auction or complete a full squad for the remainder of their budget with every player signed valued at 0.1. Squads must be completed 4 days following the publication of all the squads signed at the auction. The order of squad completion will be decided by Managers: 1) Unable to attend the auction giving prior notice. 2) The manager with the least players needed to complete their squad. 3) The manager last to leave the auction to the first to leave the auction.

Minimum bid and increment for a player is £ 100,000 with no maximum. However if a manager bids above his allocated budget to purchase his squad, then that managers most expensive signing at that point shall be returned to the pot for half the value paid allowing him to be made re-available for purchase at the following auction, the returning manager cannot re bid for that player at the next or any subsequent auction. A manager can at no time resign a player they have released during that season.

Players position shall be decided only by the squad list on www.skysports.com If a player is signed under controversial circumstances and it transpires that according to www.skysports.com that players position is different to that which he has been signed to play in then that players position will alter in the team before the 1st game following an auction or at the following auction. He can then only be selected in this new position (unless he changes again at a later date). In order to comply with the minimum squad rules this or other players must be sold at the next auction. Once the season starts any challenges to a players position on skysports website must be made 3 or more days before an auction. If that players position has altered on www.skysports.com he moves position in the squad at the auction. All squads must have the minimum required balanced squad at the end of each auction .

Goalkeepers can only be bought as Goalkeepers they cannot be selected as an outfield player.

After the initial auction, each club shall receive £20,000,000 added to any moneys remaining in their bank balance. There shall be 4 further auctions throughout the season, the dates and venues to be decided and published on the website at the start of the season.If less than 50% of the managers can attend an auction and an alternative date one week either side of the original auction date cannot be agreed on then that auction will be cancelled and no players added to any squad. At each auction managers will receive £5,000,000 plus £1,000,000 per point earned between auctions. There shall be transfers between clubs. The Transfer window will open at the end of the first auction and close on 1st February. All managers can add 2 players to their squad at or after any auction without having to sell an existing player. The new squad member can be from any position (Gk, Def, Mid or For) in order to either cover for injury or just strengthen the squad, this however is not compulsory. This could mean a manager finishing the season with a squad of 19 players, however team selection rules apply at all times. Managers can only make a maximun of 7 Transfers at any auction following the first (upto 6 players out, upto 7 players in) no deals can be done between clubs at an auction. A player's value is set at the auction. Any player leaving a club to the pot or any other side, then that player cannot resign for that club within that season.

If for some reason you cannot make the auction, you can appoint a representative to bid on your behalf, this can however not be another fiffa manager! Or you can notify your absence in advance and select players after the auction, budget allowing. Private deals between clubs are allowed with a maximum of 2 transfer deals between auctions, the maximum amount of money allowed in any deal is £10 mil and only 2 players per club. All deals must be posted on the facebook page and will be completed 24hrs later once both managers involved post 'Done Deal'. Any players being transferred outside of the qualifying leagues, you will recieve 50% of there value just as any other player.

If for any reason a manager does not show at the initial auction then they may select a team from any players remaining before the first scheduled fixture. If they intend not to compete then that teams scheduled fixture will be a one nil scoreline from kickoff, unless a substitute manager can be found. The prize money will be adjusted accordingly. If more than one manager fails to attend then the league shall be reduced by that number.

Any Managers not attending the auction without prior notification and selecting a 17 man squad, then lots will be drawn at the end of the first auction as to which manager can select there squad first. Any manager selecting their side like this then each player selected shall be valued at £5.8 mil with any remaining budget retained for the 2nd auction.


4. Fiffa Executive (Governing body and decision makers)

The Fiffa executive shall consist of: The Fiffa Chairman and Treasurer: Andrew 'Sepp Blatter Platini' McNevin-Duff

All managers have the right to question / challenge or ask for clarification of the rules at any time. If for any reason the executive following discussion with himself feel a rule needs to be amended or changed for the good of the game then an explanation and proposal will be posted on the front page for all managers to vote on by email within 5 days. The majority decision will carry, any votes not cast shall not count. Hopefully this will not be necessary if everyone familiarises themselves with the rules and any changes needed occur before the season starts.

Entry fee will be £30.00 payable before the start of the season by bank transfer to sort code 77-04-03 account 13174268 reference fiffa13(your Name) Example fiffa13andy. Any manager not attending the auction must have paid their money before the first game is kicked off or they are out. Absolutely No exceptions this year!


5. Postponed Games

There are to be NO postponed games again this season. It is a managers responsibility to maintain a balanced side capable of competing throughout the whole season. Just as if your players are suspended, injured or just don't have a scheduled fixture then if your players games are cancelled or postponed due to bad weather, floodlight failure or any other reason, substitutes will replace postponed players until all have been selected if you can still only field a weakened side it is just tough. Games abandoned count as postponements.

Substitutes must be listed each week as the example below.

Fantasy XI

Hart Riena Begovic, Baines Luiz, Hazard Commons cahill, Van Persie Lukaku Griffiths Rhodes Michu. Subs 1.Rooney 2.Mata 3.Lambert 4.Vidic

Therefore if a selected player doesn't play due to and only due to a postponement, then your first choice sub shall be selected. As per the example Rooney would replace any striker then Mata would, and so forth. However if Hazard was postponed Mata would be selected first as replacement as players can be selected to play forward in position but not back. (ie defenders can play upfront but strikers can't play in defence.)This will allow a manager to prioritise fit as opposed to unfit or suspended players as substitutes.



6. Cup Format

The cup shall take place on a mini league format each group progressing to a knockout quarter final. No player shall be cup tied.

In the event of a draw in the knockout stages then the game shall go to a replay to be played on the next league fixture.

If that replay again results in a draw the tie shall be settled by the following criteria:

1) Keeper points removed highest scoring sidewins.

2) Penalty goals don't count.

3) if the tie is still a draw a further replay shall take place on the following weekend and so on until a winner is declared.


7. Prize money (Based on 16 Teams)


£180 Winner of the league

£120 Runner up of the league

£ 60 Third place in the league

£ 30 Fourth Place in the League

£ 30 Winner of the Cup

£ 20 Top Scoring Player (League Goals only)

£ 40 allocated for the subscription and maintanence of website.

Each team shall also be awarded fiffa prize money towards 2014 seasons first auction according to their final league position.

1st awarded £12,000,000

2nd awarded £10,000,000 etc,etc,etc,etc

11th awarded £ 1,000,000

12th - 14th £ 0